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Transition from Arg1 to Kwargs

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How Tos

This section provides “recipes” for various tasks such as migrating an application from one pypubsub version or messaging protocol to another.


Section API Versions describes the 2 mains versions of pypubsub that have existed: v1 and v3. Section Messaging Protocol describes the two messaging protocols that exist in v3: kwargs (the default) and arg1, compared to v1 which only support the arg1 protocol. The v1 API is no longer part of pubsub, so two migrations of particular interest are:

v1 to v3/arg1:typically wxPython users (since v1 originated in wxPython) wanting to take advantage of the latest version of pypubsub, but without changing the messaging protocol, so as to minimize the amount of migration work. See Upgrade from arg1.
v3/arg1 to v3/kwargs:
 pypubsub users of arg1 messaging protocol wanting to take advantage of the more robust kwargs protocol. See section Transition from Arg1 to Kwargs.