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High-level changelog. For details, consult the SVN logs.

3.1.2 (2011):
  • added some docs
  • more configurable importTopicTree
  • using importTopicTree now allows to use the topic hierarchy as topic names instead of string, thereby enabling python editors to support pubsub-based development via code completion and sendMessage keyword arguments.
3.1.1 (2010; beta):
  • cleanup docs
  • couple minor tweaks (for instance added pub.getMsgProtocol())
3.1 (2009; beta):
  • Import/export of topic tree and its documentation using Python interpreter
  • Better support for evolving topic tree during application development, with “freezing” certain parts of tree
  • Helper functions to transition from arg1 to kwargs messaging protocol
  • Improved error messages (in exceptions raised)
  • pubsub can be installed inside other packages and will not interfere with system-wide pubsub
  • pubsubconf module moved inside pubsub package so manual install easier
  • Support !**kwargs in listeners
  • Support for more than one pubusb notification handler
  • Multiple publisher engines in one application (for instance, in separate threads, or for different “domains” in a large application)
  • Upgraded docs
  • Bug fixes, cleanup
3.0 (2008):
  • Use keyword arguments in sendMessage
  • Support any kind of listener, not just those with one unnamed argument
  • Validate listeners at subscription time
  • Support “inheritance” of keyword arguments by subtopics during message sending (prevents a common bug which was to send data using wrong argument names).
  • Topic tree can be documented (including topic message arguments)
  • Support user-defined notification handling of certain events occuring in pubsub such as “subscribe”, “sendMessage”.
  • Support user-defined exception handling of exceptions raised by listeners
  • Proto-Documentation on own website using Sphinx
  • Separate regression testing folder for nose-based automated testing
  • Configuration module for choosing which pubsub API to use in application, useful for backwards compatibility
2.0 (2007):
  • more Pythonic API (new PublisherClass API, at module level so easier to call – no need to know about singleton)
  • Support definition of topic tree via a python class, for increased rigor and documentability of topics
  • Topics are objects
1.0 (2005):
  • Given its own “home” as separate package from wxPython’s wx.lib.pubsub
  • Factored out weakmethod
  • Put on Cheese Shop
Pre 1.0:
  • Created by Rob Shecter in wxPython’s wx.lib (early 2000?)
  • Weakmethod added by Oliver Schoenborn (2004)
  • Further development transfered to Schoenborn (2004)

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