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The main developer of the package is Oliver Schoenborn, but Robb Shecter started it all back in early 2000’s. The code is now hosted on at, and has an entry in Cheeseshop at

As listed in the Contributing section, contributions of any form are welcome. Even questions help progress the project.

author:Oliver Schoenborn <schoenborno at (@)>


Thanks to for hosting the project, to Robb Shechter to have given me the chance to take over this project from him many years ago, to all those users of pubsub who ask questions, make suggestions, point out bugs, etc. Logo


Pubsub was originally created by Robb Shecter as a module in the wxPython library, named wx.lib.pubsub. In spring of 2004, I added the ability of the module to use weak references, even to methods, and I asked Robin Dunn if he would like the changes to be put in wx.lib.pubsub. Robb and Robin liked them so much that they offered that I take over ownership of the pubsub package.

The package was stable and fairly well scoped such that only a few minor tweaks and improvements happened after that. In 2006 when I used pubsub on some larger projects, I wished that topic trees and the topic message data could be documented, and that more data could be passed more easily. I also wished I could find a strategy that would allow the use of tools like pylint to point out invalid topic names.

So I developed version 2 of the library. In fall 2006 I created an entry in the Python Cheeseshop as PyPubSub ( and used the cheese shop to hold snapshots of my files. This way, developers not using wxPython can still benefit from the publish/subscribe mechanism that it provides.

In May 2007 I decided it was time to create a project on for it, I called it pubsub (because pypubsub was already used by another project which didn’t have an entry on cheese shop – or any code for that matter – so is my project, whereas is a totally different project!).

But, I wasn’t really happy with version 2 so I started version 3 before I got to beta. Version 3 supports documenting topics, a more OO topic tree, keyword data to be sent along with the topic message and topic argument specification to allow for more validations. It also supports a more versatile notification mechanism that allows messages to be sent when certain things happen in the pubsub module, e.g. a listener subscribes. Version 3 reached acceptable stability only recently, so in the mean time the wxPython’s wx.lib.pubsub hasn’t changed much.

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